Signe Marie Rustad

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Norwegian-American singer/songwriter Signe Marie Rustad was born and raised on a farm in central Norway, where the forest, river and fields have filled her with a deep calmness and never-ending restlessness. As a result, many of her songs carry within them a search for a balance between these elements.

After catching the attention of the growing americana-loving audience in Norway with 2012 debut Golden Town – the title a reference to her mother’s hometown Golden, Colorado – Rustad secured her first Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) nomination with critically acclaimed second album Hearing Colors Seeing Noises (2016). Her third effort, When Words Flew Freely (2019), received even more praise and this time she was nominated for two Spellemann awards. She won the award for ‘Lyricist of the Year’.

On When Words Flew Freely Rustad returns with the powerful, elastic voice and poetic lyrical style that has earned her a loyal fan base in Norway. The album’s nine tracks revolve around traumatic life events, and the feeling of emotional stagnation, with a severe writer’s block as a result:

“Slowly moving on from personal struggles, trying to restore my emotional range and get into writing music again, I started opening up old boxes. Not just ‘boxes’ within myself, but actual boxes, of CDs, cassettes and vinyl that I listened to during my formative years. Just trying to recall how all this music would resonate within me and how it would make me feel, trying to open up to those kind of feelings again,” Rustad says of writing and recording When Words Flew Freely.

Together with producer Kenneth Ishak (of Norwegian cult-band Beezewax)  Rustad builds on the success of her previous albums, with a new excursion into free-flowing, folksy, cosmic music.

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